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Milky Way Marmalade is the debut novel by filmmaker and writer (No Exit) Mike DiCerto. Mike successfully combines his masterly skill with the humorous turn of phrase, a wild and vivid imagination and his passion for Rock music. He does so with a real desire to make a point about the human race and its place in the Cosmos without every allowing a pretentious fly to buzz in and ruin the porridge (or in this case- the orange gelatin).

"My goal was to have readers come away with the same sense about their own reality and our perceptions of such as they did after reading The Holographic Universe , only without making it obvious that there were ideas about the nature of reality hiding between the lines of silliness. Why can't illumination be hysterical?" wonders Mike.

"Ultimately I strove to entertain. I'm a proud geek. I grew up loving Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut, British humor, Classic and Prog Rock, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and Star Wars. I wanted to write a book I would love to read because so few authors do funny SF. Laughing out loud is a wondrous medicine. Aiming that laughter at the pre-programmed reality that is spoon fed to us daily is perhaps the most powerful mind altering method there is."

Milky Way Marmalade is scheduled for a Spring 2003 release by Zumaya Publications, a British Columbia based publisher in trade paperback and ebook formats offering full-length works of fiction that extend the boundaries of the usual genre definitions and captivating nonfiction.

"We look for the kind of books people can't put down and can't get enough of," says Zumaya Acquisitions Editor Elizabeth K. Burton. "While we don't necessarily turn down well crafted stories that fall into the standard formulas for their genre, our first choice will always be the one that moves beyond those formulas, whether because of unique characters or new plot twists."

Milky Way Marmalade certainly fits that bill. What Douglas Adams did for the genre in the 20th Century, Mike DiCerto does for it in the 21st. He blends his unlimited absurdist imagination, a cynical political sensibility, a dash of optimistic mystical thrill seeking, and a lump of orange gelatin into a riotous, raunchy ruckus with a rock & roll heart.

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