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Rie Sheridan

Rie Sheridan started writing as a very young child, encouraged by parents with a love of science fiction that they passed on to her. When she was about nine years old, she started working on a fantasy about elves. She worked on it off and on for several years-the elves getting taller after she read Tolkien-before putting it aside for high school and college.

After she got out of school, with a BFA in Theater, she started writing again, and paid her major dues in the fan fiction arena back in the 1980's in the DOCTOR WHO and SHADOW CHASERS fandoms. She still remembers how proud she was of the first "real" story of her own over three pages.

After writing in other people's worlds for a while, she decided that she would like to try resurrecting that elven fantasy, THE BLOOD THAT BINDS. Once she started seriously visiting with the elves, she has never been able to go back to fandom....

But it's been worth it.

A.K.A. Adrienne Rose

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