Thunder Road Tamara Thorne

Thunder Road

First Published 2004
499 Pages

ISBN: 0-7860-1478-4

January 2005

Combining aliens, the millenial fear that recently ran rampant, and cultic mania into a net of terror this book takes readers back to the turn of the millenium as the world waited on its ending. Livestock mutilations and satanic symbols send the residents of a small town into a battle between good and evil that may or may not have its origins on earth.

Perhaps the most chilling aspect is the fact that none of the speculative horrors conjured up by the words are too unreal, much of what is written here has some basis in the newspapers.


The California desert town of Madelyn boasts all sorts of attractions for visitors. Join the audience at the El Dorado Ranch for a Wild West Show. Take a ride through the haunted mine at Madland Amusement Park. Scan the horizon for UFOs. Find religion with the Prophet's Apostles--and be prepared for the coming apocalypse.

Because the apocalypse has arrived in Madelyn. People are disappearing. Strange shapes and lights dart across the night sky. And a young man embraces a violent destiny--inspired by a serial killer whose reign of terror was buried years ago.

But each of these events is merely setting the stage in preparation for the final confrontation. A horror of catastrophic proportions is slouching toward Madelyn in the form of four horsemen--and they're picking up speed...

"Tamara Thorne has become one of those must-read horror writers. From her strong characters to her unique use of the supernatural, anything she writes entertains as much as it chills."
--Horror World

"Tamara Thorne is the new wave of horror--her novels are fascinating rides into the heart of terror and mayhem."
--Douglas Clegg