Teri A. Jacobs
Teri A. Jacobs
Teri A. Jacobs, first-time author of The Void, has always wanted her biography to read: She was born, lives, writes and will die.

Questions and Answers

What are you currently working on?
I am currently editing my second novel, Shadow of Jezebel, which, if all goes well and meets my editor's approval, will be due out June 2003. Shadow of Jezebel deals with a group of fallen angels called the Grigori who've escaped their prisons in heaven and have returned to earth to bring back their sons, a race of giants called the Nephilim who were destroyed by God, his Archangels and the Flood. The Grigori force Rani into becoming the mother host of horrors. In the course of the book, the readers will venture into Hell and Heaven, into battles between the Grigori and the Archangels, and into the venues of murder, necromancy and Enochian magick. Lilith, Asherah, Ba'al, Solomon, and Jezebel will have their parts as well. But mostly, the novel involves Rani's sorrow and terror--the murder of one infant son, the monstrous and unnatural incubation of another son, and the threats of her son's murderer, who wants her as dead as her boy.

I've also begun my third novel, tentatively titled Virtu in Flesh, which is about an artist, his art, and the seductive evil which creeps from the frames.

Are you a member of any writing groups?
I belong to the HWA (Horror Writer's Association).

Who or what has been a major influence on your writing and why?
My imagination influences my writing because without this I wouldn't have a need for a creative outlet!

Who (Fact or Fiction) would you most like to meet, and what would you ask them?
I would love to meet the ultimate Imaginative Mind, called God by some, and ask how this universe and all the life had been created and how it works.

Is there a book or story you wish you had written?
No, I'm content to be in awe of great works and push myself to better my own craft.

Is writing your full time occupation, if not what is?
I don't have another occupation per se, but I do have the hardest job in the world--Mommy.

As a reader do you prefer Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror?
I prefer supernatural horror or dark fantasy, but I'll read anything.

Who is your favourite author?
Hmmmm, I'm pretending a hot-barrel of a gun presses upon my cheek and am being forced to chose only one favorite--Clive Barker.

If you could give one piece of advice to a would-be author, what would it be?
Run. ha-ha! Seriously beyond talent and luck, three things will bring a writer success, what I call the P-traits: persistence, passion and perspiration.

When did you first decide that you wanted to be an author?
I've always loved storytelling and writing from a very young age, and I was thirteen when I announced I wanted to be an author, to which my parents responded, "You just want to be like King." Because that's whose books I devoured then, but I really didn't want to be King. I wanted to be the Queen.

Are you for or against e-books?
Techinically I am against e-books only because I like to hold a book in my hands, smell the ink and paper, and read in bed or at the kitchen table. Reading on the computer puts a strain on my eyes, neck and wrists, and I'm ultimately too lazy and cheap to print out hundreds of pages of someone else's novel when I've already killed one printer doing my own!

Are you a music fan? If so, what?
I love music--classical (symphony, baroque, piano concerto), but mostly I listen to industrial, ebm, synthpop and some gothic. I still tear up the dance floor at the "freak" clubs, after eighteen years of being in the scene. Recently someone told me my dancing energy cannot be human...

Do you have a favourite place to write?
My computer and writing desk are in the master bedroom, where I've surrounded myself with dark and gothic elements--blood-red walls, black velvets, gold framed art and mirrors, creepy painted-wooden masks, stainglass window with the Grim Reaper coming at you, and all my occult and myth books.

Why do you like SF/F/H?
Humans have this thing called "morbid curiosity." It makes some slow down their cars and gawk at wrecks, looking for the blood and bodies as twisted as the metal. It makes others seek dangerous adventure like skydiving, mountain climbing, racing, swimming with sharks, etc. While those like me with quieter dispositions settle in a chair and lose themselves in the dark fantastic. Because we like the thrill and the gruesome, and desperately want to know what awaits us in the vast Unknown.

What is the scariest story you have read?
1984 by George Orwell.

Is there anything more that can be done with vampires, demons and zombies?
Oh definitely, because really no idea is original, only the handling of an idea, and there are no limits on a twisted imagination!

Short story, single novel or novel series - which do you think is the best medium for horror?
It all depends on the story being told. The Last Feast of the Harlequins (Thomas Ligotti) would not have been as effective as a novel, and The Stand (Stephen King) would not have been such an awesome engrossing read if shorter or serialized.

What book are you reading at the moment?
Joyce Carol Oates' Beasts, Jemiah Jefferson's Wounds, Bentley Little's The Collection.

Do You Always know a Story's Ending When You Begin Writing?
I almost always know the ending before I begin writing. For my second novel, I even knew the very last line of the book and pushed the entire plot and theme toward that one simple line.

What's the most memorable thing said in a review of your work?
Publisher's Weekly wrote, "Alternating between the real world and the netherworld of Xibalba, a hellish realm where demons torture unfortunate souls, Teri Jacobs' debut novel, The Void, covers the gamut of gruesome ways to die. And there are many, which this book describes with blood-curdling clarity."

Garrett Peck wrote, "When it's all said and done, this is a startlingly original work by a writer of inexhaustible energy and inventiveness. Make no mistake; Jacobs wants to disturb her readers and knows how to do it. She's not here to tell you things aren't as bad as they seem, she knows they're a lot worse. Her book is for folks who like their horror unrelenting and undiluted. The faint-hearted will find themselves in way over their heads if they dare venture into her world.
Jacobs' novel never flinches, but readers are likely to."

And I love every single word of all the quotes (blurbs) gathered for The Void (all the gory details on my webpage). Thomas Ligotti made my day, week, month, year with his responses.

Have you won any awards for your writing?
One short story won a Halloween contest, but I'm not sure a UC Berkley t-shirt counts as an award! Another short story has been nominated for the literary Pushcart Prize and The Void has been recommended for the Bram Stoker award for first novel.

Is there something you are particularly proud of?
My first novel, The Void!!!

Plug away - what do you have coming out?
Obviously, The Void is in bookstores now and available online at amazon.com and bn.com. In the near future, I have short stories coming out in Decadence 2, Dead Inn 2, and Flesh & Blood Magazine.

Check out my webpage for all my news: http://terijacobs.darkgriffon.net

Many Thanks, Teri!

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