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Short Stories
The Splice (1981)
The Family Man (1978) - as Ted Thomas
Motion Day at the Courthouse (1971) - as Ted Thomas
Players at Null-G (1975) (with Algis Budrys & Theodore R. Cogswell) - as Ted Thomas
The Rescuers (1974) - as Ted Thomas
Early Bird (1973) (with Theodore R. Cogswell)
Anthology, 'Astounding' ed. Harry Harrison, Random, 1973
Anthology, 'Best SF: 1973' ed. Harry Harrison & Brian Aldiss, G.P. Puttnam, 1974
Anthology, 'The Future at War Vol.3' ed. Reginald Bretnor, Ace, 1980
Paradise Regained (1973) (with Theodore R. Cogswell as Thomas Cogswell)
Anthology, 'Saving Worlds' ed. Roger Elwood & Virginia Kidd, Doubleday, 1973
Anthology, 'Against Tomorrow' ed. Robert Hoskins, Fawcett, 1979
The Tour (1971) - as Ted Thomas
The Swan Song of Dame Horse (1971) - as Ted Thomas
Motion Day at the Courthouse (1971) - as Ted Thomas
The Weather on the Sun (1970)
Anthology, 'Orbit 8' ed. Damon Knight, G.P. Puttnam's, 1970
Anthology, 'The Science Fictional Solar System' ed. Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh, Harper & Row, 1979
Welcome Centaurians (1969) - as Ted Thomas
The Other Culture (1969) - as Ted Thomas
The Being in the Tank (1967) - as Ted Thomas
The Doctor (1967)
Anthology, 'Orbit 2' ed. Damon Knight, Berkley Medallion, 1967
Anthology, 'Alpha 1' ed. Robert Silverberg, Ballantine, 1970
Anthology, 'The Best from Orbit' ed. Damon Knight, Berkley, 1975
Anthology, 'Dawn of Time' ed. Robert Silverberg, Martin H. Greenberg & Joseph D. Olander, Elsvier/Nelson, 1979
Anthology, 'Creations' ed. Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg & George Zebrowski, Crown, 1983
Manfire (1965)
The Soft Woman (1964)
The Red Cells (1964)
Carbonaceous Chrondites (1964)
The Lonely Man (1963)
Magazine, Galaxy, April 1963
Anthology, 'The Eighth Galaxy Reader' ed. Frederik Pohl, Doubleday, 1965
The Weather Man (1962)
Magazine, Analog, June 1962
Anthology, 'Analog 2' ed. John W. Campbell Jr., Doubleday, 1964
Anthology, 'Analog Anthology' ed. John W. Campbell Jr., Dobson, 1965
Anthology, 'Time Probe: The Sciences in SF' ed. Arthur C. Clarke, Delacorte, 1966
Anthology, 'The Days after Tomorrow' ed. Hand Stefan Santesson, Little, Brown & Co., 1971
Anthology, 'The Astouding-Analog Reader, Volume Two' ed. Harry Harrison 7amp; Brian Aldiss, Doubleday, 1973
Test (1962)
Magazine, F&SF, April 1962
Anthology, 'The Best from F&SF: 12' ed. Avram Davidson, Doubleday, 1967
The Spy (1962)
Passage to Malish (1961)
The Lagging Profession (1961)
The Sound of Screaming (1960)
The Intruder (1960)
Magazine, F&SF, February 1961
Anthology, 'A Pocket Full of Stars' ed. Damon Knight, Doubleday, 1971
The Flames of Life (1960)
The Crackpot (1960)
New Model Spaceman (1959)
The Good Work (1959)
December 28th (1959)
Magazine, Playboy, December 1959
Anthology, 'The Playbook Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy', Playboy, 1966
Anthology, 'Last Train to Limbo', Playboy, 1971
Anthology, 'Criminal Justice through Science Fiction' ed. Joseph D. Olander & Martin H. Greenberg, Franklin Watts, 1977
The Clone (1959)
Magazine, Fantastic, December 1959
Anthology, 'A Shocking Thing' ed. Damon Knight, Pocket, 1974
Day of Succession (1959)
Magazine, Astounding, August 1956
Anthology, 'A Century of Science Fiction' ed. Damon Knight, Simon & Schuster, 1962
Broken Tool (1959)
Satellite Passage (1958)
Magazine, If, Dec 1958
Anthology, 'SF: 59' ed. Judith Merril, Gnome Press, 1959
Anthology, 'SF: The Best of the Best' ed. Judith Merril, Delacorte, 1967
The Law School (1958)
The Back of a Hand (1958)
The Innocnets' Refuge (1957)
Magazine, Science Fiction Stories, May 1957
Anthology, 'Travels through Time' ed. Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greeberg 7amp; Charles G. Waugh, Raintree, 1981
Mars Trial (1957)
The Attractive Nuisance (1957)
Ceramic Incident (1956)
Magazine, Astounding, October 1956
Anthology, 'The Analog Anthology #1' ed. Stanley Schmidt, Davis, 1980
The Far Look (1956)
Magazine, Astounding, August 1956
Anthology, 'SF: 57' ed. Judith Merril, Gnome Press, 1957
Anthology, 'Spectrum 5' ed. Kingsley Amis & Robert Conquest, Gollancz, 1966
Anthology, 'Looking Ahead' ed. Dick Allen & Lori Allen, HBJ, 1975
Anthology, 'Science Fiction Novellas' ed. Harry Harrison 7amp; Willis E. McNelly, Scribner's, 1975
The Fatal Third (1953)

The Chemistry of a Coral Reef (1969) - as Ted Thomas
Aperture in the Sky (1968) - as Ted Thomas
The Red Shift (1967) - as Ted Thomas
Mosquito (1967) - as Ted Thomas
Interplanetary Dust (1967) - as Ted Thomas
The Inteligent Computer (1967) - as Ted Thomas
Noise (1967)
The Martian Atmosphere (1966) - as Ted Thomas
Smog (1966)
Migratory Locusts (1966)
Meteoroid Collision (1966)
Man in the Sea (1966)
Injected Memory (1966)
Earth Tremor Detection (1966)
Desynchronosis (1966)
Beamed Power (1966)
The Twenty Lost Years of Solid-State Physics (1965)
The Placebo Effect (1965)
Phoenix (1965)
Lunar Landing (1965)
Low-Level Weather (1965)
Insect Attractant (1965)
The Ice Ages (1965)
Magazine, F&SF, April 1965
Crystal Surfaces (1965)
Computer Diagnosis (1965)
The Biolaser (1965)
Van Allen Belts (1964)
Somata (1964)
Plant Galls (1964)
Medical Radiotracers (1964)
The Fuzzy Moon (1961)
The Building of a Protein (1964)
Balloon Astronomy (1964)
The Watery Wonders of Captain Nemo (1961)